For more than twenty years, my main focus has been producing, shooting and editing film and video productions. My work has run the gamut from feature film to broadcast journalism to commercial work and everywhere in between. Along the way, there have been a number of stop overs working in publishing, graphic design and keeping up with new technologies and platforms (like WordPress).

I started working with film and video in film school in the early 1990’s and have since made a career of working in almost every aspect of the industry. Over the last few years, I have been focused on my career as a union Camera Operator. When I’m not on set, I have a contract with Sandia National Laboratories where I produce, shoot and edit corporate videos and work on streaming video productions.

While attending Columbia College’s film school in Chicago, I worked predominantly with writing and directing short narratives on 16mm. In the years that followed, I moved to Berlin, Germany and reunited with a couple of friends from film school where I primarily worked on pre-production and post for music videos, commercials and short films. My cohorts and I also started the underground film festival, Circles of Confusion Worldwide Film Festival. It was a bonkers task organizing and jurying hundreds of entries from around the globe, but the reward was seeing the sold-out shows.

A few years later I moved back to the states and found myself running my own production company in San Francisco. I mostly produced commercial work, and made all sorts of first time business owner mistakes, during this time. My wife and I escaped the insanity of dot-com San Francisco in 2000 and found our way to Albuquerque where I took a job as Editor and later as a Videojournalist (Cameraman) for the local NBC affiliate. After several years of shooting investigative stories, sports, elections, crime and an uncountable number of interviews, I decided to turn in my news badge (though I do miss shooting “wind” video), get back to my roots and joined the Local 600 as a Camera Operator. While in Albuquerque, I wrapped up my 20-year undergraduate degree plan in Media Arts (film studies). Also, my wife and I finally got around to making our house a home with a couple of, most of the time, darling children.

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